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What does your star sign say about your driving?

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Pisceans are more likely to be caught speeding, Leos are the most accident prone and Sagittarians claim the most money for their prangs.

These are just some of the supposed realities of a study by that suggests that our star signs may be intrinsically linked to our driving personalities.

Despite being more inclined towards driving a BMW 1 series, Pisceans enjoy the lowest car premiums out of everyone (£492.86), according to data from the money comparison service.

Conversely, the cautious and more wary Capricorns are more likely to be seen driving a Toyota Avensis, known for being sturdy, solid and extremely reliable.

Cancers are more likely to drive an economically friendly Fiat Punto, and furthermore claim the least money for their accidents (£1,689) when compared to their clumsy Sagittarian comrades (£2,464).

Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at, said that even if it is interesting to consider how star signs may affect driving behaviour, "road safety is essential even if your star sign traits are one of a speedy, spontaneous nature".ADNFCR-2576-ID-801531551-ADNFCR

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