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VW introduces 1.0-litre engine in Golf models

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Frugal 1.0-litre engines may be nothing new, but they seem to be making their way in ever larger cars. The latest models to be available with an economical 1.0-litre petrol motor are the Volkswagen Golf hatchback, estate and SV people carrier models. Buyers can also choose between manual and DSG automatic gearboxes for the first time on an economy-focused BlueMotion VW.

Taking its lead from Volkswagen’s fuel-sipping BlueMotion diesels, the new petrol models will feature a turbocharged, three-cylinder 1.0-litre engine that produces 113bhp, while being capable of up to 65.7mpg claimed economy. CO2 emissions from just 99g/km also put the hatchback and manual estate into the lowest car tax band, meaning that owners won’t have to pay anything in vehicle tax under current rules.

With a broad spread of power from the small engine, the Golf hatchbacks can sprint from a standstill to 62mph in a nippy 9.7 seconds and can keep going to an autobahn-friendly 127mph. Thanks to the hefty low down shove from this engine, the car should be happy pootling around in high gears, encouraging greater real world fuel economy.

Along with engine tweaks, VW has also lowered the suspension of these models by 15mm and updated the aerodynamics, to make the BlueMotion models cut through the air more efficiently than standard Golfs, with extremely low rolling resistance tyres helping to boost economy.

Standard equipment includes cruise control, 16-inch alloy wheels, cruise control and plenty of safety kit including seven airbags and automatic post collision braking. 

These new models are available to order now, with the first cars arriving in showrooms in September. Prices start at £19,740 for the manual, three-door hatchback and rise to £22,615 for the automatic SV people carrier.

Author: Christofer Lloyd

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