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Volvo XC90 hybrid details revealed

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Volvo has released details of its new hybrid XC90 off-roader, which offers impressive claimed fuel economy of 134.5mpg while still being capable of sprinting to 62mph in a rapid 5.6 seconds.

This new model becomes the most environmentally friendly version of the seven-seater XC90 available, with its two-litre petrol engine being boosted by an electric motor. With a substantial 402bhp on tap this XC90 offers strong on-road performance, while a large battery pack means that it can also cover up to 26 miles on electric power alone. Meanwhile, CO2 emissions of 49g/km make it one of the cleanest SUVs currently available.

Available in Volvo showrooms from late spring onwards, the XC90 T8 features five driving modes – which can be selected through a scroll wheel on the centre console or through the touchscreen media system – that prioritise economy, power or traction for mild off-road ability.

Default ‘Hybrid’ mode automatically switches between drawing power from the petrol engine and the electric motor for the best overall fuel consumption. ‘Pure electric’ mode on the other hand takes power only from the electric motor for zero emissions driving. 

‘Power mode’ on the other hand uses both petrol engine and electric motor in tandem for fast acceleration. An all-wheel drive mode is also available, as is ‘Save’, which maintains charge in the batteries so this can be used later in pure electric mode.

Despite its eco-credentials, the XC90 ‘T8 Twin Engine’ still offers all the space and comfort of the standard XC90 4x4, making it a practical family car option.

Author: Christofer Lloyd

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