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Volvo celebrates 50-years of seatbelt safety

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Volvo's three-point safety belt invention has saved more than a million lives since its introduction 50 years ago.

The belt is a standard legal safety requirement for all cars sold in the UK, including Volvo used cars, and was created in 1959 by the car manufacturer.

Volvo was the first manufacturer to fit the three-point safety belt and has become a ritual for many car drivers and passengers, according to Volvo Car UK managing director Peter Rask.

He said: "That makes it easy to forget its lifesaving potential.

"However other safety systems, such as airbags, are designed to work in conjunction with seatbelts, so it remains the most important safety device in any modern car."

Seatbelt use in the UK became mandatory in 1983, with further legislation in 1989 making it a requirement for all children to wear one.

Volvo Car UK was successful in its most recent bid to get the Mayor of London to review the capital's Congestion Charge, which it suggested was bias towards hybrid vehicles.


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