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Volvo cars complete successful Platooning demonstration

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The latest innovation in Volvo cars has been successfully demonstrated for the first time, the carmaker has revealed.

Platooning, which involves a lead vehicle acting as a reference point for all the following drivers, could revolutionise driver safety, it is claimed.

Volvo has received EU funding to develop the project, and demonstrated its effectiveness using Volvo cars.

A lorry was at the tip of the convoy, with Volvo cars automatically adjusting their speed to stay more than a stopping distance behind the vehicle ahead.

"Platooning offers the prospect of improved road safety, better road space utilisation, improved driver comfort on long journeys and reduced fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions," said Tom Robinson, Volvo's head of the SARTRE project, which is developing the technology.

The commitment shown to safety by Volvo cars was recently recognised by What Car? Magazine, as the publication gave it its 2011 Safety Award for use of the Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake system.

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