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Volvo announces 3-point plan to combat air pollution

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Volvo Cars UK has launched a three-point plan to help the car industry to improve the quality of air in the country.

The UK is facing a potential £300 million fine for poor air quality from the Environmental Audit Committee, it is important that car manufacturers look at all the emissions of their vehicles, not just carbon, Volvo says.

Now the Swedish manufacturer is proposing three key changes that it thinks will help.

Firstly, the launch of an "automotive air pollutants" label to go with the current CO2 label displayed on showroom cars.

In addition, Volvo wants to launch a phone and PC application that allows buyers to check total emissions information from the showroom, as well as set up a thinktank to put air quality at the front of people's minds.

Volvo recently claimed success with a campaign to get London Mayor Boris Johnson to exempt low-emitting vehicles from the congestion charge.

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