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Volkswagen car sets new mileage record

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The economy of Volkswagen cars has been highlighted by a Sunday Times journalist who has set a new world record.

Gavin Conway managed to travel 1,526.63 miles on a single tank of fuel - the longest distance any production car has ever travelled without filling up, according to the AA.

The car he used was the Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion 1.6-litre diesel, although the writer did have a little extra help.

Mr Conway had been coached by an AA specialist in green driving techniques - skills which allowed him to drive without wasting fuel unnecessarily.

"While it's true that the Passat has a big fuel tank, it's still a large, fairly heavy vehicle, so it really is some achievement to get most of the way round France on a single tank," said AA expert Chris Watkinson.

The AA has recently claimed that escalating fuel prices are encouraging many people to car share.

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