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Volkswagen announces sales are up nearly a 1/4

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Fans of used Volkswagen cars will soon have more options available to them on the market, as the manufacturer announced that sales had risen by 24.6 per cent so far in 2010.

In addition, all of Volkswagen's models experienced double-digit sales growth.

The passenger car market has seen signs of revival in many parts of the world, the German carmaker claims, with automotive markets across the globe seeing positive growth of 19.4 per cent on average.

However, Volkswagen's range of innovative, young and environmentally-friendly cars has meant they have seen more of the revival than other firms, claims group board member for sales Christian Klinger.

"Nevertheless, we still expect this to be a tough year. We believe that differentiated growth in the various regions of the world is likely to continue over the coming months," Mr Klinger added.

The news comes on the back of the Polo being named the 2010 World Car of the Year at the prestigious New York Motor Show.

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