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Vehicle servicing 'worth an average of £1,500'

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Motorists who do not regularly put their vehicle in for a service could be in for a surprise when they try to sell it as a used car.

According to research from garage chain Kwik Fit, a full and up to date service history can increased the value of a car by 26 per cent.

With national estimates putting the average used car sale price at £5,000, a fully-stamped service book could be worth £1,500.

Furthermore, the influence of a full service history is felt more keenly in different areas of the country.

Londoners are the most impressed by a full service history, with Kwik Fit explaining that people in the capital would pay, on average, 37 per cent more for a vehicle that came with one.

"The research also highlights that the gap between the perceived benefit of a dealer over an independent servicing centre is closing," said David White, customer services director at Kwik Fit.

"Drivers don't need to pay main dealer prices to maintain their car's peak value."

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