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Used diesel car drivers get fuel warning

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Drivers of diesel cars are being warned that the icy temperatures could pose a risk to their fuel.

Diesel can wax over at especially low temperatures, which could damage the fuel filter and lead to breakdowns, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

Neil Greig, IAM head of policy and research, explained that waxing occurs when crystals are formed in the diesel which can end up blocking the filter.

"If you drive a diesel vehicle, it pays to try and park in a garage or sheltered area and try to not to leave your vehicle standing unused for too long," he advised.

Meanwhile, drivers of prestige used cars may want to heed the latest advice not to leave their vehicles unattended while the engine is running in order to defrost the windscreen.

The Association of British Insurers warned that an increasing number of car thefts are taking place as a result.

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