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Used cars drivers encouraged to get breakdown cover

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With the Easter holiday coming up, those with used cars planning to go on a trip have been encouraged to ensure they have breakdown cover. said that people should check for added extras, such as caravan cover and roadside assistance.

It also suggested used cars drivers should consider call out times, with current averages ranging from up to 30 minutes to one hour for the UK.

"We don't realise how much we depend on our cars until a breakdown happens, and not having adequate protection in place could mean your holiday goes down with a bang," commented Bob Atkinson, travel insurance expert at

He said that there is no excuse for not having breakdown cover with the range of policies on offer and the competitive costs out there.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists recently offered some tips for used cars drivers to save money on fuel, including sticking to 70 mph, instead of 80 mph, as this can save around four pence per mile.

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