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Used car news: Winter driving 'demands extra special care'

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Drivers of new and used cars should take extra precautions when they take to the roads during the big freeze, a car insurance firm has warned.

Given that many vehicles have been left unused for the past week or so, M&S Insurance is advising motorists to take extra care in clearing their vehicles of all snow and ice before setting off.

"Also ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, including checking the tyre conditions and that all lights are working," said David Wells, M&S head of insurance.

Other tips from the company include checking the car's anti-freeze levels, topping up windscreen washer fluid and carrying an emergency kit in the vehicle, with items such as a torch, fully-charged mobile phone, warning triangle and hot drinks flask.

Meanwhile, it appears that drivers of used cars who have unfortunately fallen victim to cold weather-related incidents have been suffering additional stress in their dealings with car insurance companies.

Used Car Expert magazine says there has been an increase in the number of enquiries submitted to its website from motorists' who are in disputes with their insurance firms over the value of their cars.

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