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Used car news: Potholes are snow joke as ice melts

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Drivers of new and used cars are being told to watch out for dangerous potholes as ice melts on the UK's roads.

Campaigning website says it has experienced a surge of visitors to its site as record numbers of motorists report poor roads across the UK.

Daily visitor numbers have doubled in the past month and the site has already received more reports of potholes this month than throughout the whole of December.

"The New Year's 'Pothole Season' is well and truly upon us," said Duncan McClure Fisher of Warranty Direct, which set up in 2007.

"Sadly, we're hearing the same stories again and again - people are hitting craters caused by icy conditions and already poor road quality."

The news comes after Kwik-Fit revealed the "shocking" statistic that 2.7 million motorists have been making the treacherous conditions even more dangerous for themselves and other road users.

One in ten motorists have been driving with tyres that do not meet the minimum legal requirements, according to the car repairs firm.

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