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Used car news: Audi tests 'driverless' car

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Audi has revealed it is in the process of testing a so-called driverless car.

The car maker said the Autonomous Audi TTS Coupe Quattro is being developed for yet-to-be-arranged driving challenges next year, including a possible drive up the legendary 12.42-mile Pikes Peak Hill Climb route in Colorado, USA.

Audi said the vehicle is being used to explore the capabilities of driver assistance technologies, to help ensure that motorists will in future be able to benefit from the best drive possible.

Dr Burkhard Huhnke, executive director of the Electronics Research Laboratory, suggested that there could also be safety benefits coming out of the research, with the possibility that drivers will be assisted in avoiding incidents on the road.

"While a less experienced driver may freeze or make the wrong 'correction', the Autonomous TTS would be able to take over or guide the driver to escape from a critical situation," he remarked.

It's been a busy few days for Audi, with the company this week staging the official launch of the new A8 at a glamorous ceremony in Miami hosted by Charlie's Angels star Lucy Liu.

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