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Used car drivers 'can save money in the new year'

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Drivers of new and used cars are being told that they can take simple steps to save money in 2010.

One straightforward way for motorists to cut back on spending is to find the cheapest petrol supplier in their local area, according to new advice from Which?.

Drivers of new and used cars can use the internet to search for the cheapest petrol in their postcode area, the consumer group pointed out.

In addition, Which? has suggested that motorists can minimise their insurance premiums by switching providers - or at least threatening to - when it comes to renewal time.

Which? editor Martyn Hocking commented: "If you make just one New Year's resolution this year, make it that you'll face your finances head on. Check what you're paying for goods and services, and shop around for the best deals."

Mr Hocking was speaking as the Association of British Insurers published a good practice guide to assist consumers when they purchase insurance online.

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