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Transport secretaries 'need to be in office longer'

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Drivers of approved used cars are more likely to see improvements in conditions for motorists if the position of transport secretary becomes a fixed-term appointment, it has been claimed.

There have been 13 people handed the role in the last 22 years, giving each an average of just 20 months in office, according to the AA president Edmund King.

Considering it can take up to a year to get up to speed with the brief, it is no wonder there is rarely any real progressive change effected, he claims.

Mr King added: "Transport is essential for the country and our economy yet in the past it has been a merry-go-round for ministers to hop on and off.

"We wish Philip Hammond well and hope he stays long enough to sort out our transport problems."

Of those problems, a recent Populus poll commissioned by the AA found that the most important issue for motorists is the overall cost of keeping a vehicle on the road.

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