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Toyota to introduce new technology at Geneva show

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All the latest technological advancements in Toyota cars will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

The Japanese manufacturer is set to debut the latest vehicle in the range of hybrid Toyota cars - the Yaris HSD - at the prestigious automotive event.

Toyota's Yaris HSD is a new concept that is looking to bring a production model with advanced hybrid technology to the B-segment - Europe's largest market sector.

In addition to the new Yaris, Toyota will be introducing the new Prius Plus. This model is similar to the popular Prius models but offers more passenger accommodation and loadspace than previous designs.

"Toyota will also be demonstrating the versatility of hybrid power technologies to achieve high efficiency and low or zero emissions in a wide range of vehicle types," the firm stated.

The manufacturer recently announced it is also introducing a new Land Cruiser to mark the vehicle's 60th birthday this year.

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