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Toyota Prius among 'most reliable' cars

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The Toyota Prius is among the most reliable cars motorists could buy, according to new research by consumer watchdog Which?.

Toyota was among the Japanese car manufacturers to have been commended for its reliability in the survey.

Hyundai, Honda, Daihatsu and Toyota cars were named among the top ten most reliable new cars motorists can purchase, all achieving a reliability rating of over 90 per cent on the tested vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Jaguar S-type, Volvo XC90, Alfa Romeo 159 models were among the least reliable, all achieving less than 85 per cent.

Richard Headland, editor of Which? Car, said: "Japanese cars in the main seem to run like clockwork, although there are a few exceptions to the rule.

"It's also encouraging to see good reliability scores for the bestselling Ford Fiesta and other small, economical cars."

The Toyota Prius was recently named the WhatGreenCar of the year in an event hosted at the Imperial College in London by an independent judging panel.

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