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Toyota giving out free fuel to Yaris buyers

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People looking for a new vehicle may wish to take a look at one of Toyota's smallest cars, which comes with a substantial special offer this month.

Drivers buying Yaris Toyota cars up until April 30th will be given six months worth of free fuel to help them on their way.

The Japanese manufacturer will provide each buyer with a pre-paid card containing £548.15 of fuel vouchers, redeemable at any filling station in the UK.

Toyota believes that at current fuel prices, that is enough money for the first 5,000 miles on the WT-I petrol model's 55.4 miles per gallon combined cycle.

"With the highest petrol and diesel prices we've seen for years, it's the perfect time for Toyota to take the initiative and give our customers a benefit that's of real value day-to-day," said the firm's commercial director Matt Harrison.

Toyota is also offering Prius and Auris hybrid drivers the chance to win prizes at their local dealership by driving with a high fuel economy.

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