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Toyota cars put winter tyres to the test

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Owners of Toyota cars across the UK are being offered a helping hand as they prepare their vehicles for the challenge of driving in snow and ice.

Toyota has launched a trial winter weather tyre programme to help motorists tackle the kind of Arctic conditions Britain has been faced with in recent years.

Steve Settle, Toyota Customer Services Director, said: "Safety is of prime importance and, following the severe winters we've experienced recently, there is a much greater awareness of the benefits of fitting winter weather tyres."

The programme has been launched to give the owners of Toyota cars a chance to gain professional assistance in fitting appropriate tyres to their vehicle, he added.

Initially, the pilot scheme will target those with some of Toyota's most-popular models, including the Auris, Avensis and Corolla.

Two centres are currently handling fitting: Currie Motors in West London and Ron Brooks Toyota in the East Midlands.

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