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Toyota cars join Glasgow green vehicle club

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Toyota cars have been supplied to Glasgow's new green commercial car club.

Hourly car and van rental company City Car Club currently operates an all-Toyota all-hybrid line-up of Prius and Auris models, but is planning to increase vehicle numbers to 20.

These particular models have been selected because of the fuel economy and carbon emissions savings that they provide - the pair produce around 89g/km of CO2 while delivering more than 70mpg.

John Williams, the managing director of Toyota GB, said that the club's decision to use Toyota cars is indicative of the reputation these models have cultivated.

"We believe the club's members will appreciate the quiet, smooth, comfortable ride which our hybrids provide, as well as the knowledge they are driving cars with the lowest emissions on the market," he said.

Toyota recently announced that Prius sales had exceeded the two million mark worldwide, 13 years after its release.

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