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Toyota art competition looking for futuristic vehicles

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Toyota cars have given young children the chance to design their dream vehicle in a new art competition.

The Japanese manufacturer has launched the Dream Car Art Contest in 64 countries from around the world, with the best designs from each country to be invited to the awards ceremony at Toyota headquarters.

Now in its fifth year, the competition asks children to think about cars of the future, and what features they would like vehicles to have in years to come.

"Toyota's aim is to encourage creativity, interest in cars and an understanding of the role they play in people's lives," the manufacturer clams.

Anyone under the age of 15 is eligible to join the competition from the UK, and any hand-drawn artwork will be considered.

Toyota recently announced that it would be using an ecological plastic in its cars from now on. Bio-PET is derived from sugar cane and is stronger than any bio-plastic previously released.


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