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Tesla opens latest high-speed Supercharger in Edinburgh

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Electric cars may have made their mark on large cities around the world, but travelling between those cities is still a challenge in many electric vehicles – as they can typically only cover around 100 miles between charges – in optimal conditions.

However, electric car company Tesla has several solutions to that problem. First off, the brand’s high-end Model S luxury hatchback can realistically cover around 250 miles between top ups. Secondly Tesla has created its own ‘Supercharger’ network across the US and Europe, with around 20 of these charging points now working in the UK; these rapid chargers can add around 170 miles of range in a 30-minute charge.

Thanks to the addition of two new charging points in Edinburgh, drivers should now be able to travel all the way from London to the Scottish capital, charging their car solely with Superchargers. There are now around a dozen of Tesla’s own charging points located across London – with four at the Westfield shopping centre – another four in Reading, a couple in Birmingham and two new points at Edinburgh airport.

With Tesla planning to add more Superchargers in the near future, it won’t be long until Tesla owners will be able to travel anywhere in the UK, without having to go near a conventional plug, or slow public charger. Superchargers are also free to use for Tesla owners (bar entry-level model buyers, who don’t opt for the £2,300 Supercharger package).

Following the company’s rapid expansion, there are now 221 Tesla Superchargers located across the globe. These sites are located close to amenities including services, restaurants, cafes and shopping centres, says Tesla, meaning that Model S owners can stop for a quick meal or shop en route and have a fully charged car by the time they’re finished.

Author: Christofer Lloyd

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