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Tesla launches entry-level Model S 70D

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Tesla has already made a name for itself as the company at the cutting edge of electric car range, performance and luxury, but the brand is now grabbing headlines with its entry-level model.

This lower-priced version is available from £54,500 – after the government £5,000 plug-in car grant has been taken into account – yet still bests its predecessor for speed, equipment and the distance it can travel between charges.

The 70D – which features four-wheel drive as standard – can sprint to 60mph in a speedy 5.2 seconds and keep going all the way to 140mph – courtesy of its powerful 325bhp electric motor. It also offers an official range figure of 275 miles between charges and is compatible with Tesla’s rapid-charging Supercharger network, which now extends across most of western Europe, with many new charging stations due to be added before the end of 2016.

Unlike other electric cars, which often require several hours to charge, the Model S can be fully recharged using one of the Superchargers in just 75 minutes, while around 20 minutes is enough to add a half-charge. Standard-fit all-wheel drive means that the Model S 70D should also prove capable in snowy and icy conditions – a useful trait as this electric machine has proved very popular in Scandinavia.

Standard equipment on the 70D mirrors that of the rest of the range, with a 17-inch touchscreen media system dominating the dashboard and offering internet access and WiFi connectivity, plus sat nav, a high-definition reversing camera and automatic xenon headlights. The latest Tesla Model S is now available to order through the company’s website.

Author: Christofer Lloyd

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