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Survey shows 'staggering' prevalence of uninsured driving

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Drivers of new and used cars are taking unnecessary risks by operating vehicles without insurance, it has been claimed.

According to a survey from, one in six (15 per cent) motorists admit to having driven a car they weren't insured to operate.

While one in ten have been driving a friend or relative's car without cover, four per cent were in their own vehicle, the survey showed.

Steve Sweeeney, head of car insurance at the price comparison site, said that the results of the survey were "staggering", and law-abiding motorists should take extra care on the roads in light of this information.

He added: "While we're all looking to tighten our purse strings, car insurance shouldn't be an area to cut.

"There is absolutely no excuse to be on the roads without adequate cover."

Last month, warned drivers that increasing the amount of voluntary excess on an insurance policy might not guarantee a fair reduction in monthly premiums.

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