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Subaru Outback 'is smoothness and balance itself'

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The Subaru Outback has been described by a car critic as "smoothness and balance itself".

For anyone who is in the market for a family car and requires an estate vehicle, then the Subaru Outback 2.0D Ren is likely to have much going for it, according to Andrew Anthony in the Guardian.

In terms of its design, he believes that the Subaru is a sturdy and respectable number, pretty much offering everything you might expect from an estate car.

He continues: " Inside, it's roomy and comfortable, there's a thirst-quenching number of drink-holders, the leather trim is plush rather than luxurious, and the dashboard is attractively simple and sensible."

Meanwhile, another Subaru car was recently praised for its balance and poise.

Writing for, Jonathan Smith also stated that the Subaru Legacy 2.0 TD R saloon is a rare family car in that it features all-wheel-drive capability.

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