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Smart car offers 'world-beating emissions'

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Smart has said one of its flagship models is leading the world when it comes to lowering carbon emissions.

The Smart ForTwo CDI emits just 86g/km of CO2, with the carmaker pointing out that the figure is lower than all of its competitors.

It also leads the pack in terms of fuel consumption, as it manages 85.6 miles per gallon.

Various measures were implemented by the brand's engineers in order to drive down the emissions and improve the fuel consumption figure of the ForTwo, with a seven millimetre reduction in height one of the key changes in the model's latest incarnation.

"Our customers are proud to drive the vehicle with the lowest consumption worldwide, and we have been working hard to make our Smart models even more environmentally friendly," explained Dermot Kelly, managing director of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The Observer's motoring critic Martin Love has praised the new Smart car, stating that it feels "remarkably roomy" inside despite its compact dimensions.

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