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Serious collisions 'down by one-quarter' near cameras

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On average, the installation of a speed camera reduces the number of serious or fatal collisions at the site by more than one-quarter, according to a new report published by the RAC Foundation.

Data for 551 cameras across nine different areas revealed an average drop of 27 per cent for these crashes, as well as a 15 per cent decline in personal injury collisions.

These estimates were made allowing for general trends in the number of crashes for each area, which had typically fallen in recent years.

However, the RAC Foundation also noted that 21 cameras had seen nearby collisions increase since their installation - enough to "make the cameras worthy of investigation".

"We have now written to 11 local authorities suggesting they examine the positioning and benefits of a total of 21 cameras," said Stephen Glaister, director of the organisation.

In 2011, the Department for Transport instructed local authorities to make speed camera data publicly available from 1990 to date. So far, only a third of 36 organisations responsible for speed camera data have complied.ADNFCR-2576-ID-801597219-ADNFCR

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