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Running out of fuel 'poses motorway risk'

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Families in new and used cars are being put at risk because motorists are running out of fuel on the motorway, according to the Highways Agency.

More than 15,000 drivers broke down on England's motorways in the 12 months to June 30th 2009 because they ran out of fuel.

The agency warns that breaking down disrupts other drivers journeys and carries significant hazards.

Derek Turner, the organisation's director of network operations, described the figures as "alarming".

He said: "It's not only hazardous to the driver and passengers but to other road users as well, especially if the vehicle has to stop in a live lane.

"We want drivers to be aware of the risks and also to encourage them to check their fuel level before they set off. It's important that if you are travelling over long distances, that you continually monitor your fuel level."

Highways Agency staff are set to meet road users over the next to weekends in a bid to promote journey planning, particularly over busy weekends in regions including Greater Manchester, Cumbria and Lancashire.

Employees will be offering advice and distributing free copies of the Highways Agency's Think Ahead, Move Ahead guide.

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