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Roque Santa Cruz: I wouldn't be comfortable in a Ferrari

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Blackburn Rovers star Roque Santa Cruz insists he will not be buying himself a flashy red Ferrari any time soon.

Many fans have a perception of modern-day footballers as pampered and overpaid, driving flashy sports cars bought with their sizeable pay cheques.

But in an interview with the Independent, the Paraguayan star reveals that he drives a £50,000 Nissan GTR - a far cry from the Bugattis and Bentleys driven by some famous footballing names.

Santa Cruz told the newspaper that he would not feel comfortable driving around in a flash sports car, considering his roots.

"In terms of my conscience I just wouldn't feel right driving around Paraguay in a Ferrari when I see the lives people have there," he said.

Santa Cruz recently returned to Blackburn after an unhappy spell at Manchester City, where he fell out of favour with manager Roberto Mancini after former boss Mark Hughes was sacked.

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