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Reduce the cost of running your family car

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It is possible to reduce the amount of times a family car needs filling up, simply by adopting some savvy driving techniques, head of training at IAM Drive and Survive Simon Elstow has said.

One of the first things to do is remove any unnecessary clutter from the family car, as the more weight it carries, the more fuel it will use.

This might mean taking items strewn over the rear seat back into the house, or making sure the boot isn't laden with heavy objects.

Mr Elstow also recommends keeping a vehicle moving for as long as possible on the road, as excessive stopping and starting can significantly increase fuel usage.

Another top tip is to ensure both the front and rear windscreens are clean, as traffic fumes can lead to a build-up of debris on the glass that attracts moisture.

This causes them to mist up quickly, meaning heaters and air conditioning will need to be used.


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