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Read medicine warnings carefully, drivers told

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Used car drivers who are being prescribed medication must read the warnings carefully, it has been advised.

Following the conviction of pop star George Michael for driving under the influence of illegal and prescription drugs, GEM Motoring Assist has warned of the dangers of potential side effects.

One in ten drivers has admitted that their driving ability was impaired after taking medication and 12 per cent did not realise they could be breaking the law by driving while affected.

The motoring body has produced an advice leaflet in conjunction with This Morning resident GP Dr Chris Steele to help drivers stay safe while taking medication.

"In some circumstances driving while impaired by medication can be as dangerous as drink driving," Dr Steele said.

"Drivers taking medicine should always check with their doctor or pharmacist before they drive."

All medicines should come with an information leaflet detailing the potential side effects.

Issues such as drowsiness, feeling dizzy or sight problems could cause a driver to lose control.


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