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RAC and Veloce release environmental driving book

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The RAC has joined forces with Veloce Publishing to produce a new guide about how to choose a new or used car in an environmentally-friendly way.

Efficient Drivers Handbook helps consumers to see clearly how different cars affect the environment and what each feature means in practical day-to-day terms.

"It explains what matters most to the car buyer when optimum fuel economy and lowest emissions are priorities, and why four wheel drive and automatic transmission present challenges to eco-friendly driving," according to Veloce.

As well as teaching the public how to choose a car, it also teaches particular tricks on how to drive them efficiently.

It also features a thorough examination of the most promising fuels of the future, electricity and hydrogen, so that owners can be informed on future purchases.

Veloce has published many books about driving, including the story of how Kris Meeke went from rookie to rally champion for Peugeot cars in one year.

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