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Quentin Willson backs tyre safety campaign

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Quentin Willson has given his backing to a new campaign which aims to highlight the importance of tyre safety on new and used cars.

The motoring journalist and TV personality is the face of a new online video demonstrating TyreSafe's 'lifesaver in your pocket' initiative, which encourages drivers to check the safety of their tyre tread depth by using a 20p coin.

Available on the TyreSafe website and YouTube, the video shows the "startling" difference in stopping distances depending on whether tyres are legal or not.

"Cars can have the most advanced safety systems or be driven by the best drivers, but without properly maintained tyres it will not be able to stop properly in the wet," explained TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson.

He added that it takes just a few minutes every month for drivers of new and used cars to check that their tyres are safe and legal.

Meanwhile, the Association of British Drivers (ABD) has given its backing to Conservative party proposals to cut the number of speed cameras on UK roads.

The ABD claims speed cameras are actually detrimental to road safety.

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