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Prius European sales 'indicate the vehicle is now mainstream'

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One of the first environmentally-friendly Toyota cars has celebrated a landmark, surpassing 200,000 sales in Europe.

Released as the "definitive hybrid car" in 2000, the Prius had sold 100,000 units by 2008, but the last two years has seen the vehicle achieve the same number of sales again.

With global sales of the car expected to reach two million by the autumn of this year, Toyota claims that this is a clear sign of the fact that this hybrid car is now part of the mainstream.

At the heart of the car, the Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain has seen significant improvements, which has helped to accelerate sales.

The current Prius has reduced fuel consumption by 23 per cent when compared to the original version, with carbon emissions down from 120g/km to 89g/km.

Earlier this month, Toyota launched a new safety pack option for the Prius, featuring the Pre-Crash Safety system and adaptive cruise control.

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