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Peugeot unveils first 100 per cent electric vehicle

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There is now a 100 per cent electric vehicle in the range of Peugeot cars, as the French manufacturer unveils the new iOn.

Environmental awareness is now a key focus for the government, local authorities and the consumer, Peugeot claims, so electric vehicles are a "perfect fit" for urban mobility.

A key selling feature with the iOn is the fact that Peugeot is offering and "all-inclusive" mobility offer for four years. A total payment of £415 per month will provide lease of the vehicle, full warranty cover and full servicing.

In addition, once the first four years are over, the vehicle can be bought as a used car with the same contract at a discounted rate.

"With average running costs estimated at £2.50 per 120 miles, the energy bill of the iOn is unbeatable regardless of which recharging mode is used," the manufacturer states.

Peugeot sales were strong in August, it was recently revealed, bucking the trend of a market which saw sales figures fall by 17.6 per cent.

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