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Peugeot’s 308 GTi vs F2 Powerboat

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Ahead of its official UK launch, the French carmaker took one the first right-hand-drive production models of the forthcoming 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport to the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham for a challenge. 

Joining Peugeot at the 2000m lake was PowerboatGP with an F2 Powerboat – an organisation that stages a number of competition events and the annual F2 Nottingham Grand Prix championship at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham. To demonstrate the new 308 GTi’s sporting credentials., the two high performance machines were pitched against one another on two completely different surfaces.

Peugeot UK brand ambassador, Bradley Philpot, was behind the wheel of the 308 GTi, while the F2 Powerboat was piloted by F2 champion, Colin Jelf.  Both power vessels have been developed to perform with great efficiency and, with each having advantages for different elements of the challenge, the event revealed how closely matched the two machines were.

The Powerboat, while quick off the start, had the highly tractable 308 GTi right on its tail. The F2 soon reached its terminal velocity, limited by surface conditions and wind direction, while the GTi just kept accelerating, even on uneven surfaces, demonstrating the high levels of grip enhanced by its TORSEN differential.

Both the Powerboat and 308 GTi are agile and responsive. The Powerboat is able to turn within a few lengths and the Peugeot can change direction on demand, too. Its specially developed Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres help to keep the GTi firmly planted in the corners. 

The new 308 GTi will hit UK dealerships on November 5. 

You can watch the head-to-head footage by clicking here.

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