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Petrol price fall welcomed by RHA

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Drivers of approved used cars, hauliers, taxi drivers and anyone who uses their vehicle regularly will be pleased there has been a drop in the price of fuel at certain outlets.

Supermarket chains have announced that there has been a fall of two pence per litre in the price of fuel on the forecourt.

While this is welcome news, Geoff Dunning of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) says that it is about time reduction in fuel price was made, considering the price of oil has dropped by 12 per cent in the last month.

Mr Dunning says it is now important to see further falls in the cost of fuel, with a reduction of five pence per litre being a good place to start.

"When the price rises we have no choice but to bite the bullet and pay up. Equally, when the price comes down, we expect to see that reflected at the pump too," he said.

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