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Parking rules need to be fairer, claims Which?

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Car parking rules and charges need to be made fairer for new and used car users, according to a consumer watchdog.

Which? has called for an end to unclear signs and unfair charges across the private parking industry, having found evidence of obscured signs and defunct phone numbers in a recent investigation.

Martyn Hocking, editor of Which? magazine, explained that the rules in this unregulated industry need to be "absolutely clear".

He said: "Of course it's fair to stop people parking on your land or to charge them a fee for the privilege.

"It's not right that huge sums can be extracted from unsuspecting drivers, or that incentive schemes can be used to discourage people from appealing fines."

Which? was also told by the British Parking Association that the highest charges to drivers are "unlikely to be fair".

Recent research by Which? revealed that that some hospitals are charging up to five times as much for car parking than they cost to run.

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