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One in four drivers name their car

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More than one in four drivers of new and used cars has a pet name for their vehicle, according to a new survey.

Research from car insurance price comparison site shows that the most common names for cars are Charlie and Ruby, along with the likes of Jack, Lily, Harry and Pippa.

In addition, the study showed that half of drivers believe their car is "part of the family", while a third of motorists get involved in daily conversations with their vehicles.

Analysing the results of the data, Peter Collett, psychologist and author of Driving Passion - The Psychology of The Car, suggests that giving the car a name may actually reduce the chances of having a crash.

"By giving their car a special name, drivers are treating their car as something that deserves to be cared for - a friend, a pet, a companion, sometimes even a lover," he said.

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