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New Peugeot comes with Park Assist

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Peugeot has unveiled its new 208 Intuitive, a car that comes with Park Assist - new technology that makes parallel parking easy.

It is the first car from the manufacturer to incorporate such a feature and not only helps with the act of parking itself, but also with the task of finding a space.

While the driver controls the accelerator, brakes, gears and clutch, it will control steering, as well as provide audio and visual information to help the driver.

The design of the car is based on the 208 Allure, but contains several new features in addition to Park Assist, such as alloy wheels, directional front fog lights and Automatic Dual Zone Air conditioning.

Those seeking Peugeot cars may not be able to afford a brand new 208 intuitive, but could find a very fine used one.

Peugeot's next new car will be the type R5, with the model recently completing its first set of tests.

It was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show last September.   

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