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New look for 3008 Crossover

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One of the most popular Peugeot cars has received a makeover after a successful first year.

Released in November 2009, Peugeot's 3008 Crossover has been popular with the motoring media and the buying public alike, the manufacturer claims, being awarded Crossover of the Year and Car of the Year 2010 by What Car? magazine.

A year on and Peugeot has decided to modify the model slightly. The vehicle will now come with a new Euro 5 HDi 112 engine, as well as extra standard specification for both the Sport and Exclusive varieties.

"Now with even more appeal, due to the enhanced standard equipment levels and reduced CO2 emissions, the Peugeot 3008's advantage over a conventional car just got even stronger," the company states.

It was recently announced that Peugeot cars are to form the backbone of the police force across the country, after the firm was granted a contract to supply specialist vehicles to the authorities.

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