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New Infiniti QX30

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Infiniti has released a new compact crossover based on its Q30 hatch – the QX30.

Designed as a ‘premium active crossover’, the QX30 features an elevated ride height when compared to the Q30 and also incorporates a intelligent all-wheel drive system.

Infiniti intends for the QX30 to bridge the gap between premium compact cars and larger crossover vehicles. By doing so, the QX30 should appeal to a much wider audience.

The QX30 features satin-finished roof rails as standard, along with wider wheel arch cladding for increased protection on rougher terrain. The QX30 is easily distinguised from the Q30 by re-designed front and rear bumpers, which are finished in a grained affect. The bodywork is also finished with chrome-plated inserts.

Inside, the QX30 is aided by Active Noise Cancellation, which reduces any unwanted noise detected within the cabin. It does this by emitting sound waves from the door speakers that cancel out any noise coming from the power train.

With regards to mechanical ability, the QX30 incorporates the previously mentioned intelligent all-wheel drive system, which can send up to 50 per cent of the engines power to the rear wheels should added traction be needed there. If a wheel is struggling for traction due to poor conditions, the system detects this and sends more power to the wheel that needs it.

Power is sent to the road via a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, which includes a manual mode to allow drivers to select which gear they want.

Rolan Kruegar, president of Infiniti said: “The active crossover, QX30, joins our new premium compact family and will broaden our offer to new customers around the world.”

The QX30 is due to go on sale in the summer of 2016.

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