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New financial package created for Volkswagen cars

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A new financial product has been launched to reduce the cost of insuring Volkswagen cars.

Insurance premiums have been rising throughout the industry for some time, so Volkswagen has decided to develop Ensurance, a product that works with the driver's favoured insurance company to keep costs to a minimum.

With Ensurance, should the driver have an accident, Volkswagen takes full control of the management of the situation.

The German firm takes the vehicle to be repaired by approved dealers trained by the manufacturer, fixing the vehicle using only approved parts.

Robert Cottrell, head of insurance for Volkswagen Financial Services, explained that no referral fees will change hands, the driver simply gets extra peace of mind for £49.99 per year.

"Buying Ensurance means customers are able save these costs on a car insurance policy and still enjoy the Volkswagen Group network service for no additional cost overall," he went on to say.

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