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New drivers 'not aware' of probationary law

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There is a lack of awareness among new drivers of a probationary law, according to a new report.

Good Egg Safety found only half of motorists who have recently passed their test know they are put on probation for the first two years after they get their full licence.

If they receive six or more penalty points in their first two years of driving - the equivalent of two fixed penalty notices - they will have their licence taken away.

The Good Egg Guide for New Drivers has therefore been put together to provide advice for those driving used cars who are new to the roads.

A member of Good Egg Safety's national steering group Professor Emeritus Steve Stradling, from Edinburgh Napier University, stated young and inexperienced drivers are not sufficiently frightened of the potential risks they face on the road.

Kwik Fit recently released data showing 68 per cent of drivers are not aware of the difference between kinds of tyres and said the solution would be to include a question on the difference in the driving theory test.

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