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New Audi modifications improve efficiency

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Audi has introduced new modifications to its A4 Saloon TDIe to improve the vehicle's efficiency.

The new turbocharged diesel now incorporates a high-pressure rail injection technology that produces just 120g of CO2 per kilometre.

There are also start-stop and energy recuperation systems, which will help families to get the most out of their petrol on long journeys.

Audi in fact claims that the new A4 TDIe delivers 61.4 miles to the gallon - which will no doubt have many drivers awaiting this model's appearance at their local approved used Audi car dealer.

The car manufacturer has even developed a handy Driver Information System for the car, which recommends gear shift points allowing the driver to optimise fuel efficiency based on their personal driving style and conditions.

Brand new, the TDIe will set back families £23,340, but will only be available in the UK from October.

Last month, Audi's A4 range was voted the most secure in compact executive class at the annual BIVSA Awards.

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