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Motorists warned of insurance costs for speeding offences

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Drivers of approved used cars have been warned that a speeding conviction could see their insurance premiums double.

According to research from, being successfully prosecuted for speeding and accruing six points on a driving licence will push premiums up by 19 per cent.

A further speeding offence and nine points will see drivers having to pay 54 per cent more.'s car insurance expert Peter Harrison says it is clear that insurers take a dim view of speeding offences.

"Even going just above the speed limit can add huge additional costs to your car insurance, and for repeat offenders, some insurers may even refuse to cover you, so motorists should take extra care to ensure they stick to the speed restrictions," he said.

Separate research from the price comparison site recently revealed that one in six drivers have broken the law and driven a vehicle they were not insured on.

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