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Motorists urged to make their vehicles less appealing to thieves

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A former burglar turned security expert has been providing advice on how people can reduce the possibility of having their new and used cars stolen.

Michael Fraser explains to that while certain types of car will always be more attractive than other to thieves, there are certain steps that can be taken to make a vehicle a less likely target.

The expert recommends pulling in to a drive front first rather than reversing, as thieves will be less inclined to steal a car that is more difficult to get onto the road.

For the same reason, motorists should turn their wheels into the curb when parking on the street.

He went on: "Any anti-theft device will deter thieves to a certain extent, so it is always a good thing to have them because they do work.

"The thief doesn't want to spend time trying to remove it. Instead they will just move on to the next car without any security."

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