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Motorists miss cheaper fuel the most

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Drivers of approved used cars miss the price of fuel most when getting nostalgic about driving 20 years ago.

Kwik Fit surveyed more than 2,000 road users about life driving a car back in 1991, to establish what factors of motoring are missed the most.

With the cost of a litre of petrol now exceeding 130 pence, drivers are most nostalgic for the days when the same unit of fuel would cost just 50 pence.

Other things that motorists miss include quieter roads, fewer speed bumps and cheaper parking. Congestion charges are another recent addition to motoring life that drivers do not appreciate.

"With rising fuel prices and congestion it's understandable that motorists are particularly sentimental about a time when petrol was much cheaper and the roads weren't as crowded as they are now," said Ian Fraser, chief executive of Kwik Fit.

The garage chain recently advised motorists that air conditioning should not be neglected over the winter months, as the systems need to be operated regularly in order to stay in good working order.

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