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Motorists boosted by fuel duty cut

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Drivers of approved used cars will be delighted to hear that the planned fuel duty rise for next month been scrapped, while tax is set to be reduced.

The government had originally planned to increase duty on fuel by five pence per litre next month, pushing pump prices even higher than the record levels they have currently reached.

However, chancellor George Osborne, in announcing his Budget for the coming financial year, has scrapped the rise and announced that the duty will instead be reduced by one pence per litre.

Responding to the news, AA president Edmund King said motorists across the country would be thrilled that the government has listened to their concerns, saying the cut was a "much-needed tourniquet to drivers haemorrhaging money from record pump prices".

Institute of Advanced Motorists chief examiner Peter Rodger added that reduced fuel costs will be a "welcome break for hard-pressed motorists and businesses".

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